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Cargo pants for men

Cargo pants, army pants, baggy pants or cargo pants. Dear child has many names, but at MOLECULE CLOTHING you can find them all. We have a huge selection of all styles of cargo pants, so you can be sure to be fully equipped after a visit to MOLECULE CLOTHING.

The design and history behind cargo pants

Cargo trousers for men are characterized by having a baggy fit, and with large pockets, both on the back of the trousers and on the side of the legs. In addition, they are made of a very robust material, so they can withstand high amounts of wear and tear. This is because they were originally used by the military, and therefore the requirements for their durability and usability were high. If you think they look familiar, it is because American soldiers, among other things, used these pants in the vietnam war. The trousers were quickly taken up by sports and outdoor people, who also had high demands on the durability and the large pockets. Today, however, the trousers have been improved with a more contemporary look, so that you also fit into your own wardrobe. The trousers give a sporty, fresh look that is particularly suitable for the streetwear style. That's why a pair of baggy cargo pants is an indispensable part of all serious streetwear wardrobes.

Huge selection of Molecule clothing for both men and women

In recent years, cargo pants for ladies and women have also started to gain ground, because more and more women have started to demand these. Of course, we carry women's cargo trousers - also in both camouflage and army style. You'll find them right here: Cargo pants for women.

Legend status

With over 20 years of experience in the design and production of casual streetwear fashion, Molecule has achieved legend status for many. They have been the leading factor in the creation and development of the market for cargo pants and cargo shorts . This was also where the camouflage and army colors took off in earnest, before you started to see it on jackets and t-shirts. We at MOLECULE CLOTHING are proud to be able to offer the market's best baggy cargo pants. Molecule also produces cargo shorts and belts. Take a look around our webshop and if you are in doubt about anything or have questions about cargo pants or other products, you are more than welcome to call or write to us.

The most universal pants

There's a reason these pants have been around for so long, because they're almost impossible to wear out! And they can be used in almost any situation. There are many people who have an almost religious relationship with their cargo pants, and if you have owned a pair, you understand that well. Cargo trousers can be used in everyday life, on an active holiday, as home work trousers and for much more! Their durability and comfort make them ideal pants in SO many different situations.

What is the material of cargo pants?

You will find 2 different types of fabric in our shorts models. All Molecule's shorts, knickers and trousers are made of 100% cotton, regardless of whether they are products in the strong cotton fabric called "Heavy Duty" or "Ripstop" (parachute fabric), which is a lighter and more breathable product. The materials are heat-treated before you receive them and therefore do not shrink in the wash if you follow the instructions correctly.

How do cargo pants fit?

To find the right fit for your new trousers, you must first decide which fit you want. Our trouser models vary in fit: baggy, regular and fit. You can then make a specific search with our filters, so that you only get the fit you want. It is also clear from each individual model which fit it has without specifications. In addition, we always recommend that you use our size guide associated with the simple model or ask our customer service

Can cargo pants be used for winter wear?

Molecule's cargo pants can be used both in summer and in winter. Of course, it depends a lot on you as a consumer, how much you freeze in winter, whether the cargo pants are a good winter choice for you, but there is nothing about the material that makes you unable to use them in winter.

Can cargo pants be used for leisure activities?

We have several consumers who use Molecule's pants for leisure activities such as hiking, climbing, skateboarding, hunting and so on. It is really up to the individual consumer how they want to use our products, but in the event of incorrect use / overloading, the product like all others can of course be damaged.

Can cargo pants be machine washed?

Molecule's cargo products can be washed in the washing machine. When you wash your trousers, we recommend that you zip and close all buttons and zips and turn the product inside out. In this way, you take best care of both the colors and fit of your trousers and spare your washing machine. Shorts , knickers and trousers can be washed at MAX 60 degrees, but we recommend that they only be washed at 40 degrees, as this gives your product a longer lifespan