Cargo knickers

It's hard to avoid MOLECULE's selection of super cool cargo knickers when you want to be part of men's fashion.

If you choose 45056 Drawn Togethers or 50006 Kickflips, you get a super cool cargo knickers in the hard-wearing stone-washed cotton heavy duty, with the many nice pockets and cool stitching that gives the classic MOLECULE look.

Both models are among some of the best-selling models at MOLECULE, but it is the Drawn Togethers that have won most of your tastes.

If you love our knickers, you should take a look at both our delicious ones shorts and trouser models.

Both of these knickers are baggy in fit. We recommend that you always use the size guide for each individual model, as the models differ in fit. CLICK HERE to show how to find your goals


3/4 length shorts for men

Knickers, pirate pants or 3/4 trousers - dear child - many names and we love them! The beautiful trousers do well both on the colder days and the warmer days.

At MOLECULE you can choose between 2 different but incredibly addictive knickers models - 45056 Drawn Togethers or 50006 Kickflips.

Knickers are 3/4 trousers and are therefore a slightly longer model than shorts and naturally somewhat shorter than regular trousers.

You are in the right place if you are looking for the baggy look!

45056 Drawn Togethers is by far the most popular knickers model and, along with 50007 Cruisers shorts, is the best-selling model at MOLECULE. Drawn Togethers have the most baggy fit of the 2 knickers models

50006 Kickflips are, like Drawn Together, super delicious knickers. It still has a baggy fit, but smaller than Drawn together.

Both are made in the delicious and durable cotton material heavy duty, just as they have cool details around pockets and zips and a nice baggy look, but you will still experience having 2 different looks with the 2 models.

A must have for your festival gear

If you've been to a festival - you've undoubtedly seen a pair of MOLECULE knickers or shorts. Before online sales of MOLECULE became regular, they were sold without authorization at the country's many festivals and to the great excitement of the happy festival guests. We still have customers approach us and specifically ask if we are going to Roskilde festival, Smukfestival or Copenhell, just to dean buy their MOLECULE there - it's like a fixed festival tradition.

But it is not only festival-goers who have fallen in love with the 2 beautiful models. Among the skater environment, the outdoor environment and it has also become models that are recognized as good quality and beautiful design. Both models are available in both pure and fine colors as well as military/camouflage print.


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