You will here find our super beautiful vintage cargo skirt / skirt.

This type of skirt really took off in the 1960s and it remains a common attire, especially among young women and teenagers.

Before this time, short skirts were mainly used in connection with sports and dance, such as tennis players, cheerleaders or figure skaters.

You can currently find this lovely skirt Snuggies in a fine clean beige colour, but keep an eye on the shop, soon it will be available in several of the classic Molecule colours.

The model is small in sizes, so do not be surprised if you need larger sizes than usual.

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  • Color Beige
  • Model no. : 45057
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The women in the cargo look

In the beginning, Molecule's products were exclusively aimed at men and therefore men's models, but it was soon found out that there also were a number of women who found the cool cago look attractive, which is why some women's models were also produced. However, the selection is still limited, we hope more will come with time if the demand is there.

Larger selection

In addition to the beautiful shorts / hotpants Wahinis, there is this lovely skirt Snuggies. It's just so super nice and in the same way raw and a bit little naughty. It is made of the classic Molecule material heavy duty, which is the strong and durable cotton fabric that, due to a stonewash treatment, still feels smooth and soft against the skin.

Snuggies cargo skirt

The model is currently available in the super fine sand beige colour, but keep your eyes at the shop it is a high probability that we will get it in more colors before long.

Always use the size guide

Be sure to use the size guide when ordering your Snuggies, because it is a model that is quite small in size. Therefore, do not think there is anything wrong if you need both 1 and 2 sizes more than you usually do.

The model is available in size S-M-L-XL-2XL