Molecule is a brand from Thailand and is both designed and produced in Bangkok by a local family. The first cargo shorts came to life back in 1998, and the first produced color where actually the orange one. After that the colors grey, black and olive green was put in production. All colors are to this day still a part of the color variety of Molecules brand after over 20 years in the market. 
Through the years Molecule have developed both more cargo shorts models as well as other products like cargo pants, belts, t-shirts, jackets and accessories. 

We at Molecule Clothing Denmark are proud to call ourselves official dealer of the MOLECULE brand. We have an unique co-operation with the Molecule famiily who we visit every year in Bangkok and continuesly keep growing our business together. 

We provide worldwide shipping with day to day delivery for most parts of the world. Our webshop is under constant development to ensure, that you as our valued customer feel both safety and inspiration everytime you come to visit and make a purchase. 

You will find us under both (our danish site) and, which is our english version of our shop made for internatioal worldwide customers. . 

We are located in the capital of Denmark in the city of Copenhagen and have by far the largest variety and stock of Molecule ind the world. 

Everything you purchase in our online shop is in stock here in our warehouse in Copenhagen, so you do not need to bother about getting your package sent from a third party og be concerned, that we may not be able to deliver because of unforseen problems in getting hold of stock. 

We always try to keep in close and personal contact to our customers throug social media like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, as well as through mai and phone.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions about models, sizes or just want to check up on our business to ensure your safety as a customer. 

Thank you for taking your time to read a little bit about us and the coolest brand in the world MOLECULE.


Best regards

Jess Voldager