Color : MultiCam
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Sku :500052000000000
Color :MultiCam
Fit :Baggy
Color code :C20
Model no. :50005
Model :Ankle Busters
Fabric :Heavy duty cotton
Product Description

Does it get any cooler? One of MOLECULEs absolutely most popular pants in a completely unique color.

Multicam is a patented camouflage pattern developed by the American firm Crye Precision back in 2002 to the U.S. Army. Today it is used in very large parts of the world due to its multi-functionality, including the Danish defense in both the Army, the Air Force and the Navy. The pattern has been developed to be used both on land, sea and in the air and in several different terrain such as city, Desert and jungle. Hence the name: "Multicam"

 This perticular Multicam color is in the version called Arid, which is made especially for desert and stone terrain. Molecule only produces this color every 5-10 years, so even though we bulk up a lot of stock, you should buy these now and not wait a second.