Color : Tribal Camo
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Sku :500052100000000
Color :Tribal Camo
Fit :Baggy
Color code :C21
Model no. :50005
Model :Ankle Busters
Fabric :Heavy duty cotton
Product Description

A very unique camouflage color in the MOLECULE color variety. Only produced in smaller quantities and very seldom. Tribal Camo tells something about how popular camouflage patterns have become in the streetwear as a fashion fenomenon. The black and brown tribals on the beige background makes most people think about the period when tribal tattoos was the most fashionable worldwide. 

Tribal tattoos actually has its origin way back to ancient times when people used tribal tattoos to show their loyalty and position in different tribes. Most camouflage patterns known and used in the fashion industry is camoulfage used in warzones worldwide. However Tribal Camo is designed and produced for the hunting and fashion industry making it even more unique. 

The pants model Ankle Busters have been one of the most popular MOLECULE models for over 20 years and get more and more popular every year. The casual baggy fit makes them perfect for this camouflage pattern. It is also made in both a shorts and knickers version: Cruisers shorts and Kickflips knickers.