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Sku : 500050000000000
Fit : Baggy
Model no. : 50005
Model : Ankle Busters
Materiale : Heavy duty cotton
Product Description

Classic cargo pants from Molecule in a super cool and timeless design. With over 20 years in the back, this model has already proven that it has come to stay and never goes out of style.

After the production, the pants are cured at high degrees, using a very special method. This gives the fabric a nice softness and gives the grey color a dusty look. Like almost all other Molecule cargo pants, there are cords in the waist for greater fit and buttons at the ankles for fitting around the shoes, if desired.

This model is a part of the 50-xxx model series, where you will also find 50007 Cruisers shorts and 50006 Kickflips knickers. The exact same model, just in different lenghts.