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Sku : 500080000000000
Fit : Regular
Model no. : 50008
Model : Stitched Combats
Materiale : Heavy duty cotton
Product Description

One of MOLECULE's more rare models, however, you certainly know the unique quality. The model is a more tight fit than both 45019 comfy combats and 50005 ankle busters. It looks more like 54002 board pants and 55003 outdoors in the model, yet is distinguished on its own. The quality is of unmatchable standards and it's one that only gets better after wearing and washing it.

With the super cool oblique front pockets and the clean lines on both the thigh and back pockets, this Stitched Combats cargo pants are perhaps the most stylish of all models and can be used for virtually any occasion. Not a model we expect to be able to get back just yet after it sells out, so it's about getting on board so you don't miss out!