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Sku : 550030000000000
Fit : Tight fit
Model no. : 55003
Model : Outdoor Lightweights
Materiale : Ripstop (faldskærmsstof)
Product Description

A true new age MOLECULE classic with an emphasis on comfort and cool fusion clothing, these cargo pants hit the bulls eye. Quality and price upholds the standard. In other words, these are half the price of virtually every other brand and yet they're more durable.

Fortunately MOLECULE has also produced this model in 2 types of shorts. The model 55002 Featherweights is exactly this model in shorts. The 55001 Dual Featherweights, on the other hand, is more like the 50007 Cruisers in fit and with the classic zip pockets over the thigh pocket.

However, all 3 models are made in the fabric ripstop, which has also been nicknamed parachute fabric. It is uncertain for how long MOLECULE intends to produce this model, so you better get yours as long as you can.