Size : XL : w36 - w40
Color : Grey
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EU €79.00 NON-EU (minus VAT) €63.20
Sku :540020300000014
Weight :1.0000
Color :Grey
Fit :Regular
Color code :C3
Model no. :54002
Model :Board Pants
Size :XL : w36 - w40
Fabric :Heavy duty cotton
Product Description

The model differs primarily from the best known models 45019 Comfy Combats and 50005 Ankle Busters in that it is more of a regular fit and with somewhat narrower legs. Not quite as baggy and more tight-fitting. However, it's still casual and comfortable.

Furthermore, the model does not have the otherwise classic zip pocket over the thigh pocket and instead it sports drawstrings for fitting the trousers around the ankles, where Comfy Combats and Ankle Busters have buttons. It is also the only model with sloping closure pockets with a push button.

The Board Pants model is very popular and has such a nice fit that Molecule also chose this model as inspiration for their model from 2015: 55003 Outdoor Lightweights, which in many ways are similar to Board Pants. However, they are made in the modern and super cool parachute fabric also called ripcurl, which is also known from Carhartt's cargo pants.