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Combine both shorts, pants and knickers!


MOLECULE – timeless fashion

When you buy MOLECULE shorts , knickers , trousers or other products, you get a product you can use for many years if you treat it correctly. This is both because of the hard-wearing material but also because the products are a fashion that doesn't just change, so if you find a pair of trousers or shorts that you're happy with, don't be afraid that they'll be gone by next year. However, few models are limited edition and produced in smaller productions.

The first MOLECULE produced

The first and original MOLECULE that was produced was a bold shorts in a bright orange color, with nice pockets and strong stitching - hence the name 45020 Originals . It was completely its own, but it was the one that set it all in motion and which has been the foundation stone for what MOLECULE has become today. Later, more shorts models, more colors and prints were added - click here to see them all

Since then, cool knickers and long trousers have also been produced at Molecule. All with the classic fat pockets and easily recognizable design. You can see the selection of knickers here and the selection of long trousers here.

Military inspiration

That Molecule's models are inspired by military uniforms around the world cannot be overlooked. Both the design with the many pockets, the durable material and the selection of prints and colors point in that direction.

As written, our print is inspired by military camouflage. You will find everything from camouflage used in desert areas to camouflage for the deep green forests.

Pure colors or camouflage prints?

The many models and the large color palette mean that the customer group is very broad. The classic colors such as beige, olive (army green), grey, brown and black appeal to many people regardless of style, and the strong colors such as the original orange and colored print / camouflage print when you are more street and brave.

Dessert Camo in its light cream color with light green and brown markings and MarPat-Desert in its soft brown, beige and light green colors. Desert Camo was primarily used in deserts and landscapes with a lot of sand and rocks. Developed and used by the US military in the first gulf wars, until it was partially changed to first Digital camo (Digital grey, which is a light beige color with light gray and dark gray computer print) and subsequently MultiCam Arid

Multicam is a well-known print in an olive green color with forest green, light brown, sand / beige and black print marks, a patented camouflage pattern developed by the American company Crye Precision back in 2002 for the US Army. Today it is used in very large parts of the world due to its multifunctionality, including the Danish defense in the army, air force and navy. The pattern has just been developed so that it can be used on land, at sea or in the air and in several different terrains such as city, desert and jungle. Hence the name: "Multicam".

Woodland is, as the name suggests, the colors of the forest and the green areas - a print in dark green, olive green, wood brown and black. This camouflage is known from war zones around the world primarily from the 80's until it was switched to the somewhat more desert oriented camo patterns and then finally using the current MultiCam which is a multi-purpose camouflage color for pretty much any environment.

Our latest news is Tribal Camo, which differs from the other camouflages as it has not been used in war zones, but has only been developed for hunting and street environments. This print is in a delicious creamy beige with large dark brown and black markings

Parachute fabric or brushed cotton?

2 different types of material are used for our shorts, knickers and trousers. The first is the slightly heavier and stronger cotton fabric heavy duty and the second is the light parachute fabric ripstop. The first models produced were in heavy duty and this is probably the material people most often associate with a MOLECULE model. However, the light version ripstop has also won a lot with our MOLECULES loyal consumers.


You will find our MOLECULES in several fits, which is why it is always a good idea to look at our size guides or ask us before ordering.

Baggy models: Shorts: 45020 Originals , 50007 Cruisers and 52010 Big Size Cruisers. Knickers: 45056 Drawn togethers and 50006 Kickflips. Pants: 45019 Comfy Combats , 50005 Ankle Busters and as a Big Size Ankle Busters

Regular models: Shorts: 54001 Cyclones and 55001 Dual Featherweights. Pants: 54002 Board Pants , 45038 Basic Combats (Unisex model) and 50008 Stitched Combats (extra long legs)

Fitted models: Shorts: 55002 Featherweights and 62009 Shortcuts . Pants: 55003 Outdoor Lightweights and 62005 Heavy Outdoors

Whatever your style, we have something for you

So whether you are the casual man looking for the clean look, the young street guy on a skateboard, the outdoor type who climbs, hikes or goes hunting, or a completely different type, we are sure that you will find one or more colors and models that are just you.

Brands such as Carhartt, Superdry and G-star have products that are very similar to MOLECULE's, but with MOLECULE you are always sure to find your favorite models and colors again, as it is the same models and colors that are sold year after year. Your products therefore do not go out of style either, so you can use them year after year with a clear conscience and still be part of fashion.