Color : Brown
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Sku :589001100000000
Color :Brown
Fit :Regular
Color code :C11
Length :Shorts
Model no. :589
Model :Grommits
Fabric :Heavy duty cotton
Product Description

Like a lot of the other colors from MOLECULE this "battleship grey" also makes you think about warzones and combat. This time with reference to the grey color of af U.S.S Enterprise Hangar ship at sea or Tom Cruise in his F-14 in the movie Top Gun.

The name of these shorts is no coincidence. It is simply the founder of all of MOLECULES shorts and in particular famous for giving life to the absolut bestselling and easiest recognizable model on the strret and on festivals world over: Drawn Together knickers model 45056. 

Originals cargo shorts are the exact same model only in the short version where Drawn Togethers are the knickers edition. In the same model line you will find the cargo pants Comfy Combats 45019 which along with Ankle Busters 50005 are the most popular cargo pants in the MOLECULE catalogue. 

Originals shorts, Drawn Together knickers and Comfy Combats pants are easy to recognize, because of the significant green reinforcement around the pushbuttons on the sidepockets. Along with the red MOLECULE logo this has been the symbol of MOLECULE's urban sovereignty for over 20 years and counting.