Color : Woodland
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Sku :550020500000000
Color :Woodland
Fit :Fitted
Color code :C5
Length :Shorts
Model no. :55002
Model :Featherweights
Fabric :Ripstop (parachute fabric)
Product Description

Most people refers to this color as classic camo, but the actual name is U.S Woodland and is maybe the most famous camouflage color of all times. Used through the 1980´s until the wars of the world primarily was engaged in the MIddle East and therefor required a camouflage pattern of a more arid and desert nature. 

A new age classic was born with Featherweights model 55002 in 2015. The first actual tight fit model shorts from MOLECULE ever and even in the hyper popular fabric ripstop cotton also known as parachute fabric. At the same time MOLECULE made a total of 3 ripstop models; Dual Featherweights 55001, Featherweights 55002 (this one) and Outdoor Lightweights 55003 cargo pants. Even hardcore MOLECULE fans have in no time both accepted these new models and gotten so pleased that the demand is high.

Despite the different texture of the fabric, MOLECULE has once again managed to create the same urban and raw cut as their characteristic heavy duty cotton which is a common MOLECULE trademark. In many ways this just consolid MOLECULE as one of the most influencing designers of cargo shorts and cargo pants with the ability to adapt the trend but still keep in touch with the foundation of the brand.