Color : Olive Green
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Sku :540010400000000
Color :Olive Green
Fit :Regular
Color code :C4
Length :Shorts
Model no. :54001
Model :Cyclones
Fabric :Heavy duty cotton
Product Description

OLIVE GREEN! The eye catching color is well known from the American Vietnam war uniform, which was actually named after the color code. The uniform was called OG-107 where OG is short for Olive Green and 107 is the reference for the exact light version of the color. 

Super cool and not so known a model from MOLECULE, despite Cyclones cargo shorts has been in the brand from the start of 1998. It is among the "shortest" of models and more regular fit than the more popular and known models 50007 and 45020 which are more baggy. Unlike some of MOLECULE's other models, this one is more streamline in color with no green reinforcements on the buttons and no green cords.