Color : Navy Blue
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Sku :450200800000000
Color :Navy Blue
Fit :Baggy
Color code :C8
Length :Shorts
Model no. :45020
Model :Originals
Fabric :Heavy duty cotton
Product Description

The name of this model is pretty much selfexplaining. One of the absolut first models ever designed and produced back in 1998 and now the oldest model available. Some however still mix up this model with the bestselling model ever Drawn Togethers knickers. The exact same design and cut, however the knickers model is just around 10 cm longer in the legs. Also the knickers have lasers in the buttom of the legs. This shorts model Originals have pushbuttons.

If you are looking for the slightly longer model Drawn Togethers knickers, you can find them here in all available sizes and colors: Click here

Finally and for the first time ever available in navy blue. Made only for us by Molecule Thailand, so be sure to get yours while in stock. Only made in a very limited edition. 

EXPECTED DELIVERY: Fall 2021. When we know the final delivery date, we will open for pre-orders. Så make sure to sign up now and you will be the first to know.

ATTENTIVE: the color in the pictures may vary as they are made from samples and not final production.